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( 4 days and 4 nights of fantasy )


Every part of Georgia represents an art of living itself. The cradle of wine, the Argonauts treasure, The City Of Love , The First Europeans , Christian Bedrock and many more are the examples of Civilization Development. Here you find the ancient and modern combinations side-by-side and while looking through them you only detect excellence !



Day 1 / Kutaisi - Motsameta – Ubisa- Borjomi  ( 167 km)

Arrival in Kutaisi international airport . Pick up from Kutaisi international airport , have a lunch and travel to nearby sights in Kutaisi. First see a Gelati  Monastery Complex which dates back to 12th century. It was founded by King David IV - The Builder in 1106. Gelati academy and monastery complex in 12th to 13th century was one of the biggest religious, educational, cultural and scientific centers of Georgia. Nowadays there are represented the main cathedral of the Virgin , the church of St. George , belfry , gates and the building of the academy.  At the main entrance of southern part cathedral is the grave of David the Builder.  This was the kings will, to be buried in a place where all people coming to the monastery would step on his grave.  Then we stop at the Motsameta Monastery which is smaller and quieter  than Gelati Monastery Complex. The name of the church “ place of martyrs” – is connected to two brothers David and Constantine Mkheidze who organized the revolt against Arabs and it ended with their torture. The complex draws us back to 8th century. This place is gorgeous with it’s nature and surprising with it’s surrounding. Complex is encompassed by Tskaltsitela River ( “red river “ ) from three sides and walled- cliff on the fourth side. Toward our way to Borjomi we stop at Ubisa Tample. The one of the most important Georgian monumental painting which was built in 9th century and nowadays we only are able to see it’s some or a how destroyed by the time basilica and a tower.Our last destination for this day is Borjomi –  one of the famous resort towns in Georgia. Samtskhe – Javakheti region’s district which consists of Borjomi – Kharagauli National Park one of the largest parks in Europe and richest with it’s flora an fauna. Borjomi also is famous with it’s mineral water. Borjomi town’s  major source of income is bottling of mineral water , coming from water springs. Especially with this notable mark in addition to fresh air and nature town is needful and useful for people with health problems. So now it represents the one of the balneological - ecological resorts in whole of the Caucasus region. We check in a hotel have an evening dinner and afterwards can enjoy being in the nature having there free time, walking along the water springs and tasting them as much as you like. Overnight at this hotel.


Day 2 / Borjomi – Akhalcikhe – Khertvisi – Paravani Lake- Akhalkalaki ( 194 km)

Breakfast at the hotel , check out and travel to Akhaltsikhe. Akhaltsikhe ( “ old castle” ) is located in south-western region of Georgia Samtskhe – Javakheti . The first mentioning of this small town draws us back to 12th century. In the areas of Akaltsikhe trough Aspindza, except the different and colorful relief there are represented the Roman and medieval periods artifacts as well as, attested human occupation on this territory in the Early Bronze Age ( 4th Millenium BC ) and later. The main highlight of Akhaltsikhe is an old stone Rabat fortress. Which nowadays calls to be a small town with modern and old parts  in a town. The Rabat Fortress is a cultural and historical complex that shows us Akhmedye mosque 18th century old; an orthodox church 19th century old ; History museum ; Djakeli palace and many more historical pales and turrets from where you can see a picturesque views of Javakheti range.  The modern part of this small town in a town – which was reconstructed in 2012 suggests you a fashionable shops , restaurants and cafes along the line. And we are able to have a lunch in one of this restaurants.  After lunch we proceed to Khertvisi Fortress which is a different surrender of Meskheti Region , proposing us an opportunity to see Georgia’s one of the oldest castles built in 2nd century BC. What about the church so far sighted draws us to 985th  and the walls to much older period of 1354th . According to the legend Khertvisi was destroyed by Alexander the Great. Despite it’s oldness it steel seems very much beautiful dived deep in the forest, based on a rocky mountain.  Afterward we drove to Paravani Lake –one of the biggest lakes with surface in Georgia. It is a volcanic lake , and it’s circled with mountain ranges and green grave with flowers all the time . Here we took some rest feed an eye with it’s landscape and than move to Akhalkalaki ( “ new town”) check in a hotel and overnight .


Day 3 / Akhalkalaki – Mtskheta -  Mukhrani - ( 217 km)

After a breakfast drive to visit the ancient capital and religious center of Georgia – Mtskheta (3000 years old) and see its historical places: Jvari (Cross) Monastery and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is dated back to 11th century. Where the Robe of Christ is buried. Nowadays Svetitskhoveli represents the seat of the archbishop of Mtskheta and Tbilisi , who is at the same time Catholicons-Patriarch of All Georgia. On a hill, near ancient capital and religious center of Georgia – Mtskheta, is located Jvari ( cross) Monastery. One of the masterpieces of Georgian architecture was built in the 6th century. From Jvari Monastery the spectacular view of  two rivers – the Mtkvari and Aragvi estuary is overlooked. Both Jvari and Svetitskhoveli are UNESCO World Heritage sites. From here we continue road to the north-east of Mtskheta to Zedazeni Monastery founded by the one of Assyrian monks  in the 540s. From this hill spreads a spectacular view of Aragvi and Mtkvari river estuary . We will have some lunch at the restaurant in Mtskheta. Afterwards we  continue our way to the mountainous region of Georgia  up to Mtskheta- Mtianeti Region and arrive in Mukhrani Winery. Here you will enjoy a gorgeous gardens , vineyards  and an old cellars of Ivane Mukhranbatoni . The territory is twisted along the beautiful fields , vineyards ad breathtaking panoramic views. You are able to see the patrimonial palace, wine cellar and a wine collection studio apart where you can taste a different sorts of premium class Georgian wine made from the grapes grown in the vineyards walkable by you. You have an opportunity to make Georgian traditional sweet- Churchkhela , bake a Georgian bread in a clay oven or distillate Chacha ( Georgian “vodka” ) on your own. You are also able to take master class in winetasting ( for additional payment).  Here are a dozens of things to do in this magnificent , beautiful place of Shato Mukhrani Winery. At the end of the day we are going to have an evening dinner , check in a hotel and be prepared for en early check out from the hotel and travel to Kutaisi international airport for departure to Vilnius.


 Day 4 / Mukhrani - Kutaisi – Departure

Transfer from the hotel to Kutaisi international airport. Departure


Enjoy Your time in Georgia ! 

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