( 7 days and 7 nights of  happiness )

Explore the ancient spirit, discover the fabulous and experience the spectacular ! Georgia represents a fairytale itself : The cradle of wine, the Argonauts treasure, First Europenas, Architectural Marvel, Christian Bedrock, The Black Sea, The Great Caucasus, Unesco World Heritage and the list is endlessly continious.


Day 1 / Tbilisi- Bolnisi – Dmanisi - Tbilisi  ( 182km)

Arrival in Tbilisi international airport . Pick up from Tbilisi international airport. Check in a hotel  have a lunch and one hour rest. The short rest will be followed by The Tbilisi-city tour. The spectacular views of Old and Modern Tbilisi combination will break into your mind. As this charming town is built in the 5th century along the twisting valley of the Mtkvari River. Where up-dated infrastructure is chained to the ancient one. What is more, the fine places in old part of Tbilisi are located side-by-side and it is easily walkable. We will start tour from the 13th century Metekhi church. Continue to the Synagogue, Syoni Cathedral and Anchiskhati Basilica. Afterwards we will approach the 4th century Narikala Fortress, on the cable cab, from which you can enjoy a picturesque panoramic view of Tbilisi. And the walk to the brick-domed Sulfur Baths. We will continue our way towards Kvemo Kartli Region (Lower Ksrtli Region). The main highlights here to see are the Bolnisi Sioni Church the only remaining three aisled basilica in Georgia. Built in 5th century Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral is also known for its Goergian Bolnisi Inscriptions. Which represents the one of the oldest historical documents of the Georgian alphabet. Furthermore the main world sight here in this Region is the Dmanisi fortified fortress-town, now Historical and Architectural Museum Reserve. Where the first Europeans found their home. Trove Homo Erectus skulls here in Dmanisi Old Settlement. After a long day we arrive back to Tbilisi and are able to take some welcome dinner at a restaurant and have an opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional Georgian feast, watch the professional performance of colorful Georgian folk dances and  listen to the Georgian traditional polyphonic singing.  


Day 2 / Tbilisi - Jvari- Ananuri - Kazbegi  ( 150 km)

After a breakfast at the hotel. We’ll start our unforgettable drive to the mountainous region of Georgia (Mtskheta-Mtianeti).On a hill, near ancient capital and religious center of Georgia – Mtskheta, is located Jvari ( cross) Monastery. One of the masterpieces of Georgian architecture was built in the 6th century. Jvari now represents the one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Moreover, our way leads us up through the High Caucasus Mountains along the Georgian Military Highway, which is the major route linking Georgia with Russia. En route we’ll visit Ananuri, a 17th century architectural complex, overlooking the Zhinvali reservoir. The sight from here is also marvelous. Arrive in Kazbegi – the main town in the region. From here we plan to get to the Gergeti Trinity church on the vehicles. The church is (14th century) located on top of the mountain (2170m) and one of the country’s most iconic images. If the weather support us, we may also be able to catch a glimpse of one the highest glaciers in the Caucasus- Mkinvarcveri (5047m). ( As on the high like this there are clouds most of the time) To the end of the day we are going to have an evening dinner and check in a hotel for a good rest.


Day 3 / October 4 – Kazbegi – Mtskheta – Zedazeni - Tbilisi

Breakfast at the hotel. Returning to Tbilisi, on our way we can stop at a Phasanauri for rafting ( if there is a will for this activity )Before reaching Tbilisi , we arrive in Mtskheta, one of Georgia’s ancient cities (3000 years old) and see its historical place Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (11th cen.) Where the Robe of Christ is buried. This monument is also under a UNESCO protection. From here we continue our way towards Zedazeni. From here we continue road to the north-east of Mtskheta to Zedazeni Monastery founded by the one of Assyrian monks  in the 540s. From this hill spreads a spectacular view of Aragvi and Mtkvari river estuary . We will have some lunch at the restaurant in Mtskheta. We will have some lunch at a restaurant in Mtskheta. And arrive in Tbilisi to have a nice, free evening with hundreds of opportunities to fill entertained and relaxed.


Day 4 / Tbilisi – Mukhrani –Lopota ( 174 km )

Breakfast at the hotel. Check out and move to Mukhrani Vineyard in Mtskheta- Mtianeti Region. Here you will enjoy a gorgeous gardens , vineyards  and an old cellars of Ivane Mukhranbatoni. The territory is twisted along the beautiful fields , vineyards and breathtaking panoramic views. You are able to see the patrimonial palace, wine cellar and a wine collection studio apart where you can taste a different sorts of premium class Georgian wine made from the grapes grown in the vineyards walkable by you. You have an opportunity to make Georgian traditional sweet- Churchkhela , bake a Georgian bread in a clay oven or distillate Chacha ( Georgian “vodka” ) on your own. You are also able to take master class in winetasting ( for additional payment).  Here are a dozens of things to do in this magnificent, place of Shato Mukhrani Winery. From where our way counts the road to eastern Georgia, Region – Kakheti , where we’re going to stay in a breathtaking hotel-resort Lopota. We’ll arrive in Lopota at late afternoon. Check in a hotel and move towards 4 kilometers distanced Nekresi Monastery Complex. Explore this unique place with it’s wild nature, comfort and calm atmosphere. The Dinner will be served at a restaurant in Lopota Resort & Spa center. Overnight at the same hotel.


Day 5 / Lopota- Gremi – Nekresi – Tbilisi ( 158 km )

After a breakfast at a resort- hotel in Lopota you are given a free time until 14:00 to explore this unique place with it’s wild nature, comfort and calm atmosphere. Have a wine tasting free rom our company, provided along with Georgian National sweets. After a fine relaxation we drive to the west of Lopota to see some famous historical monuments in east part of Georgia to Gremi Church which performs a historical-architectural museum-reserve( 15th c. monument- a king’s hall and three floor tower with bell-tower). There are displayed objects unearthed in the reserve area. Continuing our way we fall in a 4th to 7th century primitiveness to the slope of a forest hill near the village of Shilda , Kvareli district where Nekresi monastery complex is located. We are lucky to see the 4th century basilica church , (which is considered to be one of the ancient basilicas in Georgia) and  a rare 7th century three-church basilica. The complex also encloses the bishop’s palace dating from the 8th to 9th century , a 16th century tower surrounded with wild nature. Except this you have a chance to see the various ruins of other residential and domestic structures such are : the refectory, wine–caller, small chapels and other antiquities spread out through the complex area. Arrive in Tbilisi check in a hotel and enjoy free evening in a capital of Georgia .


Day 6 / Tbilisi- Akhaltsikhe – Borjomi ( 265 km )

Breakfast at the hotel , check out and travel to Akhaltsikhe. Akhaltsikhe ( “ old castle” ) is located in south-western region of Georgia Samtskhe – Javakheti . The first mentioning of this small town draws us back to 12th century. In the areas of Akaltsikhe trough Aspindza, except the different and colorful relief there are represented the Roman and medieval periods artifacts as well as, attested human occupation on this territory in the Early Bronze Age ( 4th Millenium BC ) and later. The main highlight of Akhaltsikhe is an old stone Rabat fortress. Which nowadays calls to be a small town with modern and old parts  in a town. The Rabat Fortress is a cultural and historical complex that shows us Akhmedye mosque 18th century old; an orthodox church 19th century old ; History museum ; Djakeli palace and many more historical pales and turrets from where you can see a picturesque views of Javakheti range.


The modern part of this small town in a town – which was reconstructed in 2012 suggests you a fashionable shops , restaurants and cafes along the line. And we are able to have a lunch in one of this restaurants. Our last but not least destination for the day is Borjomi - one of the famous resort towns of Georgia. Borjomi is known with it’s flora and fauna as well as,  with it’s mineral water.

Borjomi town’s  major source of income is bottling of  that mineral water , coming from water

springs.Especially with this notable mark in addition to fresh air and nature, town is needful and useful for people with health problems. Nowadays Borjomi represents the one of the balneological - ecological resorts in whole of the Caucasus region. We check in a hotel have an evening dinner and afterwards can enjoy being in the nature having there free time, walking along the water springs and tasting them as much as you like. Overnight in the hotel in Borjomi.


Day 7 / Borjomi – Kutaisi (132 km )

Breakfast at the hotel. Check out and travel to Imereti Region. We arrive in a capital of Imereti Region – Kutaisi. Check in a hotel, for a lunch and a one hour rest. Afterwards, we continue our way to the north-east of Kutaisi to Bagrati Cathedral which is 11th century cathedral and has been the home of Colchis kings since antiquity . Since 1994 this monument was in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as a single entity. But after a reconstruction in 2012 it has been removed , by reason of reconstruction against the will of UNESCO. But still this cathedral is worth to see it, with it’s beauty and proud, which overlooks Kutaisi and the river Rioni . From here we move to Gelati  Monastery Complex which dates back to 12th century. It was founded by King David IV - The Builder in 1106. Gelati academy and monastery complex in 12th to 13th century was one of the biggest religious, educational, cultural and scientific centers of Georgia. Nowadays there are represented the main cathedral of the Virgin , the church of St. George , belfry , gates and the building of the academy. At the main entrance of southern part cathedral is the grave of David the Builder.  This was the kings will, to be buried in a place where all people coming to the monastery would step on his grave. Than we drove to a different surrounding to Tskaltubo city from where spreads the road (7km) to “Prometheus cave” one of the richest and astonishingly beautiful caves in Europe. It is characterized by the variety of underground rivers and fairest landscapes located side-by-side with different surfaces and shapes. It counts 16 halls representing natural, tectonic architectural masterpiece. You are able to pass the part of the route by boat ( in additional payment ) which is another fascinating adventure, selling through hall to hall in an underground rivers. Arrive in Kitaisi, to have short rest followed by an evening dinner. Overnight at the hotel.


Day 8 / Tbilisi – Departure

Transfer from the hotel to Tbilisi international airport and departure . 

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