Marvellous Wine Tour in Georgia

In all over the world there are a debates which country performs the birthplace of Wine. Probably that,where the grapes grew all-year round and were dozens of cellars and different techniques of wine making are presented. Searching deep for the issue, gives us a clear messages, that Georgia,this little but ancient history life’s country undoubtedly takes a leader positions as here are represented not only the old techniques of wine productions, but dozens of still nowhere seen cellars and clay pitchers deep in the grounds,under the house – bases. In addition to this here, only in Georgia where excavated the ancient grape seeds,which reinforces our country’s positions of being The cradle of wine. So in this tour you’ll be able to find it out yourself and get nearly acquainted to Georgia’s thousand year old history of Wine making,as well as taste them.


Day 1 / Arrival in Tbilisi

Arrival in Tbilisi international airport. Pick up from Tbilisi international airport. Check in a hotel  have a lunch and one hour rest. The short rest will be followed by The evening Tbilisi-city tour. Visitor has an opportunity to see an old beautiful lighten capital’s streets and an amazing views. First we’ll visit The Holly Trinity Church in Avlabari, which is the highest Cathedrals in Georgia (105,5 metres), it’s as beautiful at night as in the early morning sun. Move down by  foot to the old part of town called Rike, where a beautiful garden is located, moving down from where, cross the freedom bridge lighten up perfectly, which performs a modern element on this place, chained with an old infrastructure. Passing the bridge appear on Shardeni street which is beautiful exactly at night, with a lot cafe-bars and restaurants. Also walk along the wine and souvenir shops on Leselidze Street, which represents a main touristic avenue in addition to Rustaveli, where expose in the end of Leselidze Street. See the Statue of St. George, wich Georgians call  a liberty statue, as you’re on Liberty Square now. See an old Parliament  building here, as well as a new Opera House standing opposite and a Rustaveli Theatre, side by side with a Shota Rustaveli Theatre University. Although a various clothes, technics and fine arts shops on a boundless venue. From the middle of that long avenue step to Rustaveli Avenue, beautiful with it’s magnificent sceneries. Arrive on Chonkadze street by bus from where the funicular cab will drove us up to Mountain Mtatsminda, which in English refers to a Holly Mountain. From here an incredible view of full town is spread out. And exactly here, with a spectacular view of town, on the terrace of funicular restaurant have your evening dinner, accompanied with a chorus’s  Georgian polyphonic singing. At the middle of the night or much earlier( as there is a will ), arrive back in our hotel for a good sleep.



Day 2 / Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Jvari – Mukhrani – Tbilisi ( 120 km )

After a breakfast at the hotel, Tbilisi to see it’s greatness on the daylight. This charming town was built in the 5th century along the twisting valley of the Mtkvari River. Where up-dated infrastructure is chained to the ancient one. What is more, the fine places in old part of Tbilisi are located side-by-side and it is easily walkable. Start tour from the 13th century Metekhi church. Continue to the Synagogue, Syoni Cathedral and Anchiskhati Basilica. Than continue our way to Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region. Arrive in Mtskheta, one of Georgia’s ancient cities (3000 years old) and see its historical place Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (11th cen.) Where the Robe of Christ is buried. This monument is under a UNESCO protection. From here we continue our way towards Jvari, to a hill, near ancient capital and religious center of Georgia – Mtskheta, where the Jvari ( cross) Monastery is located. One of the masterpieces of Georgian architecture was built in the 6th century. Jvari also represents the one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. From the Jvari Monastery’s yard a breathtaking views of Aragvi and Mtkvari Rivers estuary can be seen. Afterward drive to Mukhrani Vineyard 24 kilometers distanced from Mtskheta. Have a lunch at this amazing place, where you will enjoy a gorgeous gardens, vineyards  and an old cellars of Ivane Mukhranbatoni. The territory is twisted along the beautiful fields , vineyards and breathtaking panoramic views. Take a chance to see the patrimonial palace, wine cellar and a wine collection studio apart, where you can taste a different sorts of premium class Georgian wine made from the grapes grown in the vineyards walkable by you. You have an opportunity to make Georgian traditional sweet- Churchkhela , bake a Georgian bread in a clay oven or distillate Chacha ( Georgian “vodka” ) on your own. You are also able to take master class in winetasting ( for additional payment). Here are a dozens of things to do in this magnificent, place of Shato Mukhrani Winery.  After a long, full of impressions day arrive bakc in Tbilisi. Check in a hotel and overnight at the same hotel.    

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 Day 3 / Tbilisi – Sighnaghi – Veliscikhe – Tbilisi ( 265 km )

After a breakfast at the hotel, move to the east part of Gerogia, Region Kakheti’s main higlight city Sighnaghi. Sighnaghi is one of Georgia’s historic  city which  kept  its original style  during  the centuries with  open  traditional  balconies,  unique  fortress with  churches  and  towers  built  in  it  and narrow beautiful streets to walk along. Sighnaghi is also known as “a city of love”, overlooks the Alazani valley and opens to visitors the magnificent views of the Great Caucasus Range. You can also visit Sighnaghi historical and ethnographical museum visualized with collection from the Second Millennium B.C. and Late Bronze Age ceramics, adornments and weapons. And many more ancient ethnographic object or masterpieces by famous Georgian painters. After a long walk inn and around the city we’re able to have some relaxation in one host-farmer’s residence, have a lunch there and a chance to taste the various sorts of wine combined along with chees and traditional sweets, at Village Velistsikhe. Which is situated in 15 minutes drive from Sighnaghi city. You can also take a participation in Georgian traditional meal preparing, as well as in a bread beaking. At the evening , with a charged emotions and impressions we drive back to Tbilisi for a good rest as we have to transfer at the airport early in the morning. But before that, when we proceed to Tbilisi, we’ll have an evening Dinner at a restourant with traditional Gergian folk dance and poliphonic singing.


Day 4 /  Departure from Tbilisi International Airport

Breakfast at the hotel. Check out and drive to Tbilisi International to depart.


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Enjoy Your time in Georgia !

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