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Kakheti Region is located in the East part of Georgia and represents a cradle of vine in Europe (we can say it bravely ) The historical , natural and winery places to count here is unfeasible. The main highlights of Kakheti are : Old Shua Mta the 7th century church deep in the forest, Ikalto Academy – 12th century educational and cultural center of Georgia, Sighnaghi city  also called a “city of love “ – the second city which has a longest wall after a Chinese one, Gremi – Nekresi State Historical – Architectural Museum – Reserve  (dated back to 12th to 15th century one located deep in the forest and second on the hill ), David Gareji Historical- Architectural Museum – Reserve dated back to 6th century founded by David one of the Assyrian Monks, Chavchavadze House- Museum in Tsinandali and Vineyards of Khareba – the heaven for wine lovers. The places to see in Kakheti are uncountable as this Region of Georgia has richest history with remnants performing local and cross-cultural past.

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