Kvareli is a town in Eastern part of Georgia, Region Kakheti. Located in the Alazani Valley looking bravely to the nearby foothills of the Great Caucasus Mountain Ranges. Kvareli is famous for it’s beautiful nature, rare grape sorts and with being a birthplace of Georgia’s nations father and author Ilia Chavchavadze, whose House- Museum is one of the state places worth to see in Kakheti Region, in Kvareli.

It’s great to see here a Kvareli Lake with beautiful shoreline, surrounded with clearly green flora.As well as see a Kvareli Fortress built, used and reconstructed during 16th to 18th century century.This place also represents the center of the Kakheti wine-producing region and Kvareli itself is known for it’s Kidzmarauli, a semisweet red delicious vine sort well produced in Kvareli area vineyards. 

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