Kutaisi is the legislative center of Georgia and second largest city after Tbilisi. Situated 221 kilometers west of Tbilisi. And it is a capital of Imereti Region. Population approximately 200,500. According to the history Kutaisi was the capital of the ancient Kingdom Colchis 4th to 5th century BC . Kutaisi, as other parts of Georgia survived a numerous attacks from diversed enemies and the one of the hardest yokes where a Ottomans dominion on this Region. Fortunately, now Imereti firmly stands on the ground and proudly represents himself as a second capital of Georgia, as from 26 May, 2012  parliament of Georgia from Tbilisi moved to a Kutaisi city.


Here are the numerous historical monuments worth to visit , while being in this Region. It’s ancient monuments ruins and building will tell you more than just words describing Imereti Region’s Past. First see a Gelati  Monastery Complex situated 13 kilometers from Kutaisi town, which dates back to 12th century. It was founded by King David IV - The Builder in 1106.

Gelati academy and monastery complex in 12th to 13th century was one of the biggest religious, educational, cultural and scientific centers of Georgia. Nowadays there are represented the main cathedral of the Virgin , the church of St. George , belfry , gates and the building of the academy.  At the main entrance of southern part cathedral is the grave of David the Builder.  This was the kings will, to be buried in a place where all people coming to the monastery would step on his grave.  Then we stop for the lunch and after a short rest continue our way to Motsameta Monastery which is smaller and quieter  than Gelati Monastery Complex. The name of the church “ place of martyrs” – is connected to two brothers David and Constantine Mkheidze who organized the revolt against Arabs and it ended with their torture.

The complex draws us back to 8th century. This place is gorgeous with it’s nature and surprising with it’s surrounding. Complex is encompassed by Tskaltsitela River ( “red river “ ) from three sides and walled- cliff on the fourth side. Don’t forget to visit Bagrati Cathedral 6 kilometers distanced from Kutaisi which is 11th century cathedral and has been the home of Colchis kings since antiquity . Since 1994 this monument was in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as a single entity. But after a reconstruction in 2012 it has been removed , by reason of reconstruction against the will of UNESCO. But still this cathedral is worth to see it, with it’s beauty and proud, which overlooks Kutaisi and the river Rioni .


Climate : Climate in Kutaisi is humid subtropical. Average annual temperature in the city is 14.5 degrees Celsius. January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 5.3 degrees Celsius while July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 23.2 degrees Celsius.

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