Kazbegi -  also known as Stepanstsminda is a small city in the mountainous Region of Georgia – Mtskheta – Mtianeti . The town is located along the banks of pulsive Thergi River. It’s 157 kilometers distanced from the capital, and it’s elevation counts 1,740 meters above sea level. Also is situated in 10 kilometer south distance from the famous Dariali Gorge. According to the history, Stepantsminda, in English "Saint Stephan", was named so after a Georgian Orthodox monk Stephan, who constructed a hermitage at this location on what later became the Georgian Military Highway. The name of the city officially was changed to Kazbegi already under the Soviet rule in 1925 in honor to Gabriel Chopikashvili. Whose grandson was the famous Georgian writer Alexander Kazbegi, born in this town. Kazbegi is known for its scenic location in the Greater Caucasus mountains, and is a center for trekkers and mountain climbing. Local attractions include the Kazbegi Museum and Ethnographic Museum in town, as well as Kazbegi Pearl the Gergeti Trinity Church and Mount Kazbegi itself with its alpine meadows and forests surroundings named to Kazbegi Nature Reserve. This nature and forests of Kazbegi includes an interesting gorges in point of Eco-tourism(Truso, Sno, Dariali and Khando...),which is quite developed in this area. The tourists are also exaited, with the life-style of local people. Almost in every village are kept the old traditions and customs,what surprises them. This incredible place with its natural features gives an opportunity to do dozens of activities, such are : Horse-riding; Paragliding with instructor; Bike-riding; discovering and tasting various of Nature mineral waters; Mount Kazbegi climbing, as well as the Glaciers; Searching the varied Water Falls, diverced with length an width; Exploring an Old Towers; Doing the Trekking across the valleys; Doing a Rafting on a Phasanauri River and many more. In addition, this place is also famous for its climate, which has a healing abilities, which refers to a Climate-balneotherapeutic health resort. The place, for prophylaxis; for curing of pylmonological; gastrlogical diseases.

Climate: In Kazbegi is moderately humid with relatively dry, cold winters and long and cool summers. The average annual temperature is 4.9°C. January is the coldest month with an average temperature of -5.2°C, while July is the warmest month with an average temperature of 14.4°C. 

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