Georgia - a small country with huge opportunities ! 

Georgia is located at the crossroad of Asia and Europe. Georgia is bounded by the Black Sea to the west, by Russia to the north and north-east, by  Turkey and Armenia to the south and by Azerbaijan to the south-east.

Georgia’s territory is spread out in 69,7000 square kilometers and it’s population with nowadays researches amounts approximately 3.75 millions.

Georgia is a unitary, semi-presidential democratic republic. The capital of Georgia and the largest city is  Tbilisi. Georgia has twelve administrative divisions: 3 autonomous republics and 9 regions.

Georgia’s antiquity and it’s history : Georgia’s geo-political location, fertile grounds and brave people where always popular and attracted a lot cross-cultural, different faith and beliefs country rulers and those peaceful or aggressive cohabitation with varied cultural nations lead Georgia to become the one of the oldest and divorced Regions with immemorial remnants in entire world. The first an the oldest inhabited territory and people in Georgia draws us back to Paleolithic Era. Homo Erectus couple’s skulls where the one of the ancient historical remnants faced in our country and it is protected in one of the Georgia’s  National Museum. ( Trove in Dmanisi/ Georgia ) In the 4th century BC, a unified kingdom of Georgia was an early example of advanced state organization. Moreover, the classical period of country Georgia’s civilization leads us to Iberia (6th century BC), Sper (7th century BC), Colchis (8th century BC), Diauehi ( 13th century BC). What about the  period of Georgia’s  Golden Age of political , economical and cultural strength it was during the reign of King David IV (the Builder) and Queen Tamar from 11th to 13th centuries.



Today Georgia has a strong and straight way directed to pro-Western civilization. Georgia is a member of the Council of Europe and the GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development. Georgia contains two de facto independent regions : Abkhazia and South Ossetia. They gained a limited international recognition after the 2008 Russo- Georgian War.

Visa:  Georgia has signed Visa Liberalization with Europe in 14th december 2015 .

Climate: Climate in Georgia is roughly diverse besides it’s small size. There exists a two main climatic zones which separates Georgia to two Eastern and Western parts. The main clue to this is a Caucasus mountain especially Likhi Range. In general Caucasus mountain protects country from cold air masses from the north and from the dry , hot air masses from the south. Climate in the high Caucasus territory ( Mountainous Regions of Georgia) is quite cold , low degree/C in Winter and some times in Autumn. Cool -warm climate in Summer. What about the Sea side territory of Georgia Summer there is quite hot, other times of year are more cool and rainy. What we can’t say about valley areas in Georgia where climate is much higher. Hot in the Summer and cool in Winter.

The fine time to explore Georgia’s various regions is May – October.

Georgia has 3 autonomous republics: Adjara , Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The latest two at the moment are de facto territories not under a Georgia’s effective control. 

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