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Tbilisi is a capital and largest city of Georgia.  (1.5 milion inhabitants)


The official language is Georgian. There are also a regional dialects. Russian and English are the main languages used by a foreigners.


Georgia’s currency is Georgian Lari (GEL) the most frequently mentioned currency exchange offices are euro and dollar.There is a possibility to use payment / credit, but in the less developed regions have to deal in cash.



More than 80% of the population of Georgia declares adherence to the Georgian Orthodox Church, about 9% of citizens are Muslims (in Adjara Georgians and Azerbaijanis in Kvemo Kartli), 4% belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church, 2% of the Russian Orthodox Church. Catholics constitute only 1% of Georgia. It is possible to participate in Sunday Masses in Catholic saints throughout Georgia. In the capital Tbilisi in the church of St. Peter and St. Paul Street. IV. Javakhishvili 55 (masses. Sunday pm. 10.00 - English, 11.30 - in Georgian, 14.00 - Armenian, 17.00 - Latin and English. Russian).



The International Code of Georgia is: 00995.

GSM phones

Local operators of GSM:





VISA, entry requirements

European Union countries enjoy the right to freely enter and stay in Georgia for 90 days per period of 180 days. Documents authorizing visa-free entry and residence of a passport or identity card valid for at least six month in, from the date of entry into the territory of Georgia.

Please note that the office is not responsible for the inability to leave or entry into the country.



No vaccinations are required. However, there is a threat of cholera, diphtheria, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and rabies. In many bodies of water, such as lakes and ponds ban on swimming because of the presence of cholera germs in them. Medical care is paid for tourists. In Tbilisi and larger cities are open private medical clinics and hospitals.

According to change the bacterial flora, we recommend taking anti-diarrheal phills.

Emergency care

In Georgia operates the emergency number 112, calling on him, you can call an ambulance, police or fire brigade.



Georgia can bring 4 liters of alcohol. In accordance with European Union law on the customs territory of the EU can be imported into the country 1 liter of alcohol above 22% (including 80-percent ethanol) or 2 liters of alcohol with up to 22%, an additional 4 liters of wine, 16 liters of beer and 200 cigarettes.

Georgia can bring up to 10 packages of medicines (pre-packaged).


Drugs and other psychotropic drugs

Smuggling, possession and sale of even the smallest amounts of narcotics or psychotropic substances are severely punished.



In most of the church accessible to tourists from the visitors require modest dress, long skirt or trousers, headgear for women (shawl).

Comfortable shoes and a raincoat - many activities require approaches the rocky road uphill. The climate in Georgia is very diverse and weather in the mountains can differ considerably from the hot valleys. It will be useful warmer coat also protects against rain and sunscreen.



The kitchen has a special place in the Georgian tradition and is part of the identity of today's Georgians. The mild and varied climate provides an abundance and variety of crops, including many aromatic spices. In the warm sun to ripen juicy tomatoes, watermelons, melons, grapes and karalioks (Sharon) and handsome aubergines. In turn, the mountain pastures provide hundreds of species of sheep meat and cheese. As a result, national cuisine boasts a wealth of dishes and flavors orgy. Among the various dishes there will also be many interesting items for vegetarians.




Georgian table is rarely host of soup, but it gives a lot of snacks. In the summer based on a salad of tomato and fresh basil in September with the addition of on-site squeezed oil from sunflowers. Before the main course there are delicious cheeses, eg. Soft. Spices such as coriander, parsley or dill administered without chopping. Many of the dishes is prepared on the basis of eggplants - "Badridżani". They are both stuffed eggplant and stewed with vegetables (Adżapsandali). Snack can also be cold chicken in peanut sauce, or saciwi. In this part of feasting housewives shall also Lobio (frayed beans) and is most often associated with Georgia and cheese cake - Chaczapuri ("chaczo" - curd, "puri" - bread).




The main choice often is Hinkali. It is a kind of pie, which is stuffed with the meat. Hinkali have their original shape and served hot inside contain aromatic broth. Hinkali are often ordered in restaurants during meetings among friends. Mcwadi, or kebabs sprinkled with spices are often ordered in restaurants and prepared during raids on picnics outside the city. In the autumn seasoned with pomegranate grains them.




When the feast is going to end on the table appear sweet preserves, dried and fresh fruit, for example. Figs, karalioks, watermelons, melons, tangerines, grapes, apples, oranges. There are also sweets. One of the more original sweetness is churchkhela - are strung together hazelnuts or walnuts embedded in the dough that is formed from a dense grape juice.




Georgian wine on the table and toasts at the banquet is a ritual with its own rules rooted in tradition and culture of Georgia. The most famous white wines in Georgia are: Cinandali, Rkaciteli, Twishi. Red: Saperawi, Kindzmarauli, Mukuzani, Chwanczkara. During his visit to

Georgia, we should also try the famous Georgian vodka - "Chacha".




Mineral water is preferred by Georgians - "Borjomi", and "Nabeglawi". Taste not "salty" ,as Borjomi - comes out of the ground naturally carbonated water - For this there is Brenda "Borjomi" as water clinic.


Banks and offices: 10.00 to 18.00 (on Saturdays from 10.00 to 14.00, closed on Sundays).


Shops: open daily from 10.00 to 19.00 (some until 23.00) and 24/24.

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