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The Black Sea Pearl – Batumi city, is a capital of Adjara Autonomous Republic.(Country Georgia.) spreaded out on a merely 65 square kilometers. The name of the city in Greek means “deep” which  meets the depth of the port of the capital of Adjara. The city is located in the south-west part of Georgia with 154,100 inhabitants and  represents a Sea Side territory, main resort  and a busy port of the country. This Region of Adjara, where Batumi city is situated is a subtropical zone, so it’s rich in agriculture producting such are : citrus , fruit and tea. But the city itself except shipbuilding, light manufacturing and food processing it’s main economic income gains from tourism. And since 2010, the face of the city transformed a lot, with a reconstruction of new high-rise landmark buildings and the renovation of the Old Town , as well as beautification of coastline along the Batumi Boulevard, where a lots of side-shows are collected.

While being in Batumi city you have to see this changes yourself, from the modern part of the town Batumi Boulevard and singing fountains, Piazza, Statue of Medea, Batumi Sea Port, Tower of the Georgian alphabet, Moving sculpture Ali and Nino, to St. Marty’s Cathedral, built in 1898 with beautiful architecture as well as the Mosquito buil in 1886s. One of the featured highlights of the city, also  are : Batumi Botanical Garden and a Gonio Fortress located in 9 kilometers distance from the town. Batumi Botanical Garden also is called “Mtsvane Kontskhi” ( green Cape in English) and has no analogue in the world with plants species growing here side by side (approximately 48000). And the Gonio Fortress which dates back to Roman and Byzantine Empires’ power Era represents now a fascinating historical and cultural antiquity with it’s face and location.

Gonio as a location, with Kvariati and Sarpi perform the resort destinations situated 13-18th kilometers south of Batumi. Sarpi itself represents a Georgian-Turkey boardline where the sea and mountain climate merge. And so this places are most popular among Georgian youngsters, as to another countries’ youth. Towards the evening the general festive mood moves into restaurants, cafe-bares, bungalows until morning. Batumi city is in a list of pulsive, active towns where the rithm of hot summer facilities doesn’t fall all- year round, continuing with start study season at the Universities, Sea Academies, showcases at the theaters and operas and many more other things.

Climate : Climate in Batumi is similar to the southern periphery of the oceanic climate. Wettest city in both Georgia and entire Caucasus Region.

The average annual temperature in Batumi is approximately 14 °C (57 °F). January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 7 °C (45 °F). And the August is the hottest month, with an average temperature of 22 °C (72 °F).  Best time to visit Batumi and have a good sunbath is a middle of June until the middle of September.

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